TUESDAY, 27 February 2024 | 10:00am CEST


ST4 Cloud technology ready for take-off


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Taking the next step

The cloud is the new normal in many workplaces, including those of technical writers. In the cloud, you can do your work more easily, more flexibly and give your team a real competitive edge.

Whether you take off with ST4 Cloud or start enjoying the benefits of web-based working for your local ST4 with ST4 Web Author, this webinar gives you valuable insight into new options for ST4.

We will introduce you to ST4 Cloud, our offering that turns your whole ST4 setup into a managed cloud solution. You will also experience ST4 Web Author live: This web-based ST4 client simplifies the creation and editing of technical documentation while also giving you maximum flexibility. And last but not least, we will introduce you to ST4 AI Jetpack. This is our cloud-based artificial intelligence for ST4, which gives you a pragmatic helping hand with metadata assignment.



Answers to the following questions are given in 60 minutes:

  • What factors are driving the move to web-based technical documentation?
  • How can cloud technology improve documentation processes and adaptability?
  • How can AI in the cloud better organize metadata and enhance documentation quality?


This webinar is meant for:

People in technical writing already using ST4 on a daily basis.

Your speakers

Sebastian Göttel


Sebastian Göttel

Senior Vice President ST4 Innovation & Market Strategy @ Quanos

As Product Manager for ST4 at Quanos, Sebastian Göttel has been at home in the world of XML-based content management systems, component content management and content delivery for many years. He studied computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence in Erlangen-Nuremberg and Bordeaux and has been working for the Quanos Group in the area of content management systems since 1998.

Eva-Maria Wolf


Eva-Maria Wolf


Eva-Maria Wolf (M. Sc.) is a consultant and project manager at plusmeta GmbH. She studied technical writing and has been active for several years in projects on intelligent information, standard exchange formats, artificial intelligence for technical communication and in the iiRDS consortium.

Christoph Kaemena


Christoph Kaemena


Christoph Kaemena has been working for leading system manufacturers in the technical writing industry since 2006. At Quanos, he has been one of the specialists for the SCHEMA ST4 component content management system and Quanos InfoTwin since 2009. In Technical Presales, he supports customers, partners and colleagues with content creation, manual and automated classification, maintenance and output of content in SCHEMA ST4, as well as the distribution of content using Quanos InfoTwin.